Russian Cabinet

Reactivating foreign investment after the sanctions imposed due to the russia ukraine conflict.

Purple Division (9th Grade - 12th Grade)


The committee tries to solve world issues along Russian representatives and ministers. Cabinets have very speedy debates. Connected to other cabinets and NATO, they'll be constant drafting and sending directive; this in order to find a solution or final decision to the issue.

Black & White Papers:


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Russian Cabinet


Miguel Ari Casares Guzman


Ana Paola Zoe Trujillo Ramirez


Upload your black and white papers here!

Please upload the documents in your corresponding committee folder. Make sure to name the document by the last name of the person you are representing, a slash, the name of the committee, another slash and BP (Black Paper) or WP (White Paper) depending on the decoument that is being uploaded.

"Skywalker - NATO - BP"