Committe of Artificial Inteligence


Ethical, regulatory and governance issues to ensure equitable, transparent and beneficial development of artificial intelligence globally.

Yellow Division (7th Grade - 9th Grade)


The committee focus on artificial intelligence delves into the complexity of ethical, regulatory, and socio-economic issues associated with the rapid advancement of technology. Delegate0s engage in fundamental debates on the ethics of artificial intelligence, exploring principles to guide the responsible development of algorithms and systems. International regulation of AI emerges as a pressing need, seeking to establish norms addressing both the benefits and potential cross-border risks of these technologies. In this context, cybersecurity and security take on critical relevance, raising questions about how to protect AI systems from malicious threats.

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Committee of Artificial Inteligence


Natalia Borjon Zamora


Constanza Olvera Garcia



Topic A:

Promoting the ethical development and application of AI technologies for the public good.

Topic B:

Deliberate on the challenges of attributing cyberattacks to specific state or non-state actors and the implications of misattribution on international relations.